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by Above/Below

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**Winner of the 2011 Whalie Award for Album of the Year**

Press for Above/Below's <<Two Sides>>:

"Above/Below just raised the bar on you.... Two Sides hits on all cylinders from start to finish." -wailingcity.com

"...ultimately, this album isn't about a rapper with a live band behind him — it's a band record, where a crew of skilled musicians place serving the song above showing off, which makes the final product accessible and sonically-balanced, and makes the points where they do showcase their jazz chops feel that much more charged-up." -New Haven Advocate

"...one of the best debut CDs in the entire history of the New London music scene." -The New London Day

"...all 18 tracks...have jazz dominated beats and poppy lyrics that remind me of the classic Roots album “Do You Want More”. This is an upbeat album that is great for any season of the year." -bloggerhouse.com

"There isn’t a single track I skip on Two Sides." -The Student Life

"...A/B is the best thing to come out of New London, Connecticut since The Reducers. Great horns, soaring guitar work, and amazing rhymes." -albumofthesummer.blogspot.com

"QUALITY! Hip Hop / Jazz Fusion never sounded so good...The new full length album, Two Sides, is more of the same great sound. Live instrumentation is my bag and Two Sides is a Louis Vuitton. " -cantstopfanatics.blogspot.com

"...a party record with a social conscience that is likely to end up on heavy rotation." -Hozomeen Press

"Proto nebudu jen remcat a bezduše plácat do větru a nabídnu k poslechu výbornou desku Two Sides od kapely Above/Below. Tahle hudba má koule i duši a to málokdo tuší." - royalflush.cz

"Above/Below. Немного "живого" джаз-хопа под фанки соусом." -subsneer.livejournal.com

"Το νέο κομμάτι της hiphop/jazz μπάντας από το Κονέκτικατ, αποτελεί, όχι απλα μια αχτίδα καλής μουσικής στο δισκογραφικό (και διαδικτυακό) σύμπαν, αλλά ολόκληρο αστέρι αυτόφωτο!" -refillmyglass.wordpress.com


In May of 2010, Above/Below entered PWOP studios in New London for a marathon 4 hour session, recording the 18 tracks that comprise <<Two Sides>>. A fusion of many styles; rap, rock, and jazz among the most dominant; the 70 minute album attempts to present music that betrays conventional categorizations.

contact: abovebelowmusic at gmail dot com


released October 10, 2010

Above/Below is:
Gabe Chandler - Vocals
Patrick Murphy - Trombone
Johnny Harbel - Flugelhorn
Kevin Thornton - Alto Saxophone and Flute
David Dorfman - Baritone Saxophone
Hollis Dunlap - Guitar
Chris Reilly - Electric and Upright Bass
Jonas Sanchez - Drums

Mista Mayday - turntables throughout, production on Midgard
Cristin Gallagher - vocals on Jazz Black
Hired Gun - vocals on This Year
Rabbi Darkside - vocals on Who Got The?
Scott Drouin - guitar on The Recipe

Recorded at PWOP studios by Brandon Wehn
Mixed and mastered by Hollis Dunlap and Above/Below
Additional recording by Hollis Dunlap at Washington ST, CT.

Photography above of the first seven portraits by Tania Franks; the last by Adam Campos. Both photographers own the rights to their work.



all rights reserved


Above/Below New London, Connecticut

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Track Name: Prologue
Ladies and gentleman, from geniuses to simpletons
A-teamers like Templeton or if you're only penciled in
we made a ripple in the water now we're dipping in
the temp got hotter, make you sweat like solder
odd to be invited in, in spite of men deciding when
and if you get a pass, alas, it ain't exciting when
they supplement like vitamins too much of this in-fighting in
the day to day we pave the way and try to set it right again
my side is insurrectors, microphone checkers
dope beat selectors, b-boys up in your sector
so check your ego at the door, whats more there ain't no dress code
the name of the band: Above/Below, you ready? lets go!
Track Name: Lovely Day
I woke up, no need to toke up or caffeinate
minds already moving at a faster rate, I'm wide awake
and ready for whatever the day might bring
i might sing some in the shower, bumping fight the power
public enemy, that will get the blood flowing
just a hint of the scent all the read heads be knowing
that too much of a good thing aint a good thing
exclamation point, all things in moderation
I towel down, drip dry, been fly since I
was born one winter morn until the day that I die
I'm feeling this high, natural, kind of magical
no matter that, lets bring it back to actual fact
I grab my back pack, snacks for the long haul, yes yall
on the ball, hit the door, proceed to make tracks
reach back and give a stretch, sunshine lights the way
paraphrase ice cube, i gotta say a lovely day

i rock with the rhythm right, hop on my pedal bike
sole to the metal, this day, its kinda like
a utopia, you know the kind of scene
that you hope for in winter, blue skies grass green
making inroads since the intro, this instro-mental
instrumental to my mental state, now is it fate?
i popped in this tape, heard its a lovely day
thought to myself, yeah theres gotta be a better way
just to get through the daily grind, look now, what will we find?
always to the future, never behind, i got a good mind
just to stand up and let my voice be heard...
with a few choice words
we're broadcasting live, rock, rap and jive
hop, skip and slide to the spot where we strive
just to see tomorrow, time ain't borrowed so I say
never take things for granted cause each days a lovely day
Track Name: J Street
i got 2 feet, 10 toes
been thrown curve balls, still we worked yall
the first call, from the minor to the majors
sport designer labels in last years flavors
white after labor day, savor the way
when the saber leads the way i counter with a pen, then
send prose down in the mix, stick and stones down in the trench
find words, put it in the binder, send a reminder
set your alarm clock warning, in the morning if its storming
we can form like voltron, its full on from the get
sit back, relax just groove, vibe just ooze
like 5 to 1 is shift number two
thats some ish i'll never do, see my hustles too strong
mind power equals brains is my muscle equals brawn
mushin' on doggies, got your ducks in a row?
we added water and some light now we're watching it grow

we go from bank street to the end of the block
down to state street, now we're watching it knock
take a walk along the avenue, its not your average crew
watch the props accrue, thats what we had to do

its been 5 weeks and 2 days
check the account verify dues paid
the blues stayed, stripped off the shine
left it with soul, the sound more refined
destined to find, primed for bad weather
aligned with the seasons, the reason: unmentioned
this ascensions got me inching closer and closer
the poster child for the return from the over exposure
over and over, a bull dozier in a game of red rover
how we bring it: never gimicked, staying true to the tenents
the mere mention of this serious discussion point
never fear or furious, in a flurry we bust
or crust over like a sugary sweet, took near defeat
with our head held high, dead in the eye
returned strong, pondered the game plan, the same can
come back and resurrect so remember the name man

bank street to the end of the block
down to state street, now we're watching it knock
take a walk along the avenue, not your average crew
watch the props accrue, thats what we had to do
Track Name: Pro(fi:phe)ts
we losing prophets in the name of profit, dollars and cents
promise of greener grass has got us hopin' the fence
but if you focus all your vision, gaze off in the dist
unfazed still remain eternal optimists

rockin' a fist, each Tommie Smiths in individual ways
just everyday people whom in each and every way
heeded what Mary say, plus Peter and Paul
to plant a seed and sit back like a cedar grow tall
fall, spring from the winter, bring from our mentors
lessons learned and turned into a current day venture
centered on the sense that everybody is a star
expect better than when on the course to play par
are we a distinct entities or does this energy
connect each of us edges blurred by the symphony
speak simply a sense of sympathy i try
to break down the fence and take a stand like Sly

we losing prophets in the name of profit, dollars and cents
promise of greener grass has got us hopin' the fence
but if you focus all your vision, gaze off in the dist
unfazed still remain eternal optimists

call it a tryst that's gone and been scheduled by fate
searching for strength to go and just carry the weight
whats on our plate is more than just a flash or a fad
a fact of nature: what faced our parents intact
in the back where its dark but spark like a live wire
still music inspires, desire to take you higher
like a friar dedicated to his call we all feel
love, hate, compassion, compulsion, its all real
all kneel to the strength of the spirit of people
power inside us all that rivals that of a regal
feel the weight that is love begin to motivate movement
as the truth echoes through come on and dance to the music
Track Name: Jazz Black
Verse I
So seldom do we welcome the unknown, I'm glad you made it
this message we're relaying left a few of them agitated
due to this new view, from this looking glass we're looking past
from Brooklyn back and clear across to Cali the people rally
in the street they speak their minds, defeat the wickedest kind
its like an eternal battle for your soul so take control
and who finds time nowadays just to think, life is hectic
through rhymes designed to relay, my life's directed
this inner energy projecting outward from the center
enters into the realm of what I've been through and reflects
through mic checks and snare hits, hi hats and bass kicks
escapist, that's not the goal, just trying to put it in place
like puzzle pieces when your life ceases to amaze
this will wake you from your daze and lead you outward from the maze
i spent days, turned to weeks, turned to months and turned to years
wondering how we endure life in this culture of fear
its a mystery

Let me fall into my dreams
of mystery and pain, my old games
my back pages of life reveals the scene
we created love and fear, history aflame

Verse II
At what cost does time lost amount to equal compensation?
I thought that education would lead to emancipation
but it seems that green paper holds a powerful persuasion
over people, to the point we others as not being equal to us
clear the dust off of centuries of hate
racism, classism, American vision don't equate
to reality, relate, in actuality its late
200 years in this experiment, how far have we come?
where some find they stand in line, some lost and stay behind
as time ticks, we're inching towards tomorrow, time is borrowed
like keys played on bass grooves, these days I've been moved
just to make my voice heard and separate from the herd
I heard that the word on the street is steady changing
combining each mind, speaking through rhyme its so amazing
so as I recline, seeking to find a little space
I'm sneaking behind the scenes that I've seen to stake my place
and find some peace
Track Name: Equal/Opposite
it goes: left to the, right, center
stage when I enter, amazed by the energy
for days wandered deserts put paid to the inner beast
crazed by the symphony, praised by the cynics, we
outlasted, outcasted, outfoxed
undermanned, understand the plan from the other hand
undeterred, turned tables, slight of hand
smoke and reflect, detect, and eject, scan
I count three left, so what are we gonna do next
no stasis or stagnant, dynamic, not static
shown scenes rarely seen, from the scenes watch em fragment
fantastic, drastic measures brought to bear
for everywhere, and for every action
measured down to millimeters and for every fraction
there's a reaction, refraction then bend
marks the end of this, the mission, transmission is sent

it goes: equal, opposite, its rock solid
set it all in motion let the laws take over its
particles of poetry, articles of broken speech
figures as we enter to the center, never cease
release energy to combat the enemy
this entity is sending me to the brink of disaster
exasperated, but glad we made it to the finish line
no gimmicks here to limit expression not to diminish mine
but simple times, call for drastic measures
never settle details down to the last letter
I's with a dot, cross T's, freeze, see what we got
be all that you can, withstanding all of the pressure
this endeavor as we edge to the ledge, keep focused
closed, compact and complete, that's why I spoke this
encroaching upon the central meaning of this matter
invoke the essence of this essay, watch em all run and scatter
Track Name: Two Sides
all these miles run and rivers traversed
mountains crossed, dizzying heights, to the depths of oceans submersed
we're well versed in the ways of how to give and to take
sometimes the ball don't bounce, but sometimes stuff don't break
like you was falsely accused, but now ain't we amused
cause for every winner, we know somebody gotta lose
now ain't that a clever ruse, bounce like kangaroos
the anger brews and simmers as your chances grow slimmer
but as the light grows dimmer on the opposite end
dawn is steady breaking, yes there's people on the mend
and lets pretend, we could deal in hypotheticals
two sides to every story, what makes life so incredible
set a full series of events in motion, explosion
consequences of mixing up the potion
you can close yourself in or you can join us on the ride
cause if you don't like the single you can check the b-side
cause there's always two sides...

(scratched - "two sides to every story" - mos def)

as situations arise, surprises abound
around every corner more than you can handle are found
some good, some bad, some we'll have to wait and see
some the jurys still out, some they threw away the key
like for every story, there's two sides to consider
every victory means a defeat that's a bitter -
pill to swallow although, you needn't wallow in the muck
or flip a coin and let it ride on lady luck
how you felt so confined, but how do we define
freedom if it ain't free, now that's the design
now that you've seen the sign, there's a fork in the road
you can divert from the path or you can add to the load
I speak in code languages, for those who languish
cause leisure reflects the other side's pain and anguish
ain't it the time to stand up and be counted
its a trapeze act, but we need to try to balance
two sides...
Track Name: Socialist Todd (TWAS)
Todd was a socialist
with fair trade bananas on his grocery list
in all his facebook photos he was rocking a fist
and never seen a protest that he wanted to miss
Bertha was a capitalist
try to unionize and she's throwing a fit
they made an interesting match, you gotta admit
but cupid's arrow, I gotta think that it missed
cause Todd payed his union dues
he never rocked Nike's, wore some union made shoes
news travels fast, the list serve was hopping
value price and profit, thats a hell of an option
urged caution at the strike, its on the brink of explosion
decades of decline and benefits were eroding
knowing not to be seen he donned a wrestling mask
this was Bertha's factory, you don't even ask
cause Bertha was a capitalist
try to unionize, she was throwing a fit
like oil and water, they weren't meant to mix
and like a time bomb, I think I heard it just tick

(scratched - "now the CIA is tracking me, I didn't mean to do it, socialism just came naturally" - The Last Emperor)

knowing not to be seen he donned a wrestling mask
this was Bertha's factory, you don't even ask
two weeks it had lasted, all her profits, it sapped
folk songs through the window, she finally snapped
grabbed the rifle out the closet, temporary insane
to the guy in the mask, she decided to aim
nothing on her mind, but them bottom line figures
like running with scissors, she was squeezing that trigger...

poor old Todd, he was a socialist
with fair trade bananas on his grocery list
in all his facebook photos he was rocking a fist
and never seen a protest that he wanted to miss
Track Name: Ignite
the morning came with a pouring rain
try to feign my way through this sunless day
when its done this way, I'd rather run away
so i turn it, face it, back to the basics
fear - erase it, start this engagement
brace for the impact, integrity intact
in fact, I've had my back to the wall
in the corner with a paint brush, we make much
out of minimal amounts, my cerebral accounts for
taking ounces, turn it into poundage
around this town, its easy to get down
still i rebound, rise Above/Below
like a dove we rose as the love free flows
just as one re-sows as the earth gives life
as the sun gives light, with these words recite
are you ready for the fight? strike a match, ignite

I got these matches in my matchbook
let me spark one, strike one, light one, ignite one

just trying to hold my chin when the fog rolls in
after all i been through, i seen lightning
flash, wait for the thunder clap, see the sky collapse
wonder how to deal when the hunger clash
with my sense and sensibility, convinced or instability
balance my talents with a bent for incivility
its killing me, put out there for the world to see
against the universe,the human curse
sometimes surmise sunrise ain't coming
like i cant keep running, sky keep rumbling
humbling experiences break down our defenses
an instance to remind us take it back to the beginning
full circle, front and center, bare bones, nothing simpler
try to temper my tone, illuminate dim light
grow from this grim night, focus vision, insight
never act in spite, strike a match, ignite
Track Name: Fly in my Soup
Verse I
hot damn, Roxanne Roxanne
I rock with bands up in the bricks up in a b-boy stance
you need to read more math, wait that's a decoy laugh
ha ha, now here's the stats, we're bringing the world tour back
I'm tearing mics to pieces, like I'm tearing up your thesis
now we're back up on the street, I'll ride the beat until it ceases
or until you get your weight up, hold up, wait up
waiter - there's a fly in my soup
he said "now what did you expect, an octopus?"
i spilled the soup down his shirt then I knocked his tooth
see I'm not just ruthless, truth is I'm hardcore
not appropriate for your nieces, rough, rugged and raw

Verse II
just then the toothless waiter took the platter with the pate
swung it around his head, i grabbed some bread in self defense
crashed down on the table, knocked the salad in my lap
i threatened him with a crouton, I'm moving on, he's moving back
down the half deserted alleyways with oyster shells or shall we say
couldn't cover the tab, gave all my clams to Sally Mae
with what to show for it? a piece of paper? i need some new socks
at least I can write some rhymes with subtle references to Prufrock
threw on my blue-blocks, I seen my man from Venice Beach
cops in pursuit, oh what the hoot, we free styled in the street
lights flash and sirens sound, sights showed cops was all around
somebody shouted orders on my knees I'm getting down

Verse III
police brutality, no doubt it be, my shoulder finally reset
from behind the bars I snatched the keys with ease I used the baguette
I'd wielded as a weapon, deadly? possibly, it wasn't fresh and
could probably break a bone if I had thrown it in aggression
with trepidation left the station, seen some brothers from the Nation
gave them a pound then looked around a crisp breeze gave the impression
that I was being followed, a lump in my throat I note then swallow
hid in the theater across the street, check the name "The Apollo"
paint the picture like Frida Kahlo, it was show time in no time
lets go find some place to hide, I slid in the first door I see
like miss Dorothy, I'm thinking there's no place like home
unless you have a house guest, yeah, you guessed it...Sinbad

Verse IV
it was maybe 30 seconds, felt more like an eternity
not sure if it was courage, or just a sense of urgency
emerging from the diaphragm I tried to stand and speak
utter a couple of phrases to get the people off their feet
see I can rock a beat, but never that punchline rhyme and flow
thought to myself I ought to know that joke I heard not long ago
boos, they're getting louder, move the crowd this was my emphasis
or move myself, oh scratch that plan, they're blocking all the entrances
in instances like this to buy some time I give the run around
put the mic up to my mouth and stuttered "have you heard the one about
the guy who went to dinner and found the fly up in his soup
the waiter said 'what do you expect so cheap, come on, an octopus?'"
Track Name: The People's Bailout
suspect, wonders what the heck his life is coming to
paying his dues, but never wins, only seems to lose
the blues is the backdrop, soundtrack to his days
he prays and prays but couldn't adjust to their ways
never entrusted his pay with the bank, takes life how it comes
check to check, you might suspect that he learned how to run
got him a gun, got him in a corner, no way to back out
keep a man down for so long, then he lash out
now get the cash out, this is a stickup
show me your hands, the last route is just a hick-up in the plan
grand society is trying me so try to understand
i'm just a man, but with a list of demands

he knew to fly straight, trust fate, try, wait for reward
never thirsted for what he couldn't afford
40 hours plus some OT, in turn enough to sew seeds
with his spouse, bought a house, the market was growing
knowing him they kept it simple, no bigger than their rental
time passed, changed fast, finance, the news was central
the harder things got, the deeper they dug
the deeper in debt, his job pulled out the rug
as a means to cut cost, his job lost so they braced
they tried running the race until they couldn't keep pace
the news raced across the screen, the same who laid off
received federal funds their executives paid off
bernie madoff type action then he starts to lose traction
with a letter from the bank, his heart sank, the transaction
with just a fraction of his sanity, put the gun to his dome
said I'll take my own life before you're taking my home

these banks get bailed out, people get sold out
hope you're ready for the weather, its getting cold out
masses gather in the street as the rank and file shout
bail the people out before the people break and wyle out
the people's bailout
Track Name: Funk
Verse I
Johnnys in the basement, he's making beats
I'm up on the pavement and walking down the street
with my headphones tuned in, keeps the feet moving
now who's up in the house, come on and check it, check it out
this ain't the suburbs, Howard, subterranean
open up the paper seems times is getting strange again
afraid to be out, if I believed what they was telling me
but none the happier if I bought what they were selling me
so seldom do we welcome the unknown into our backyard
past guards and barriers, days is getting scarier
with pit bull terriers and terrorism
split decision like a prism, lack of light blurs your vision
I'm tuned into the night news, whats going down
what happened to the insight, its not around
I'm seeing nothing but funk, only open your eyes
what passes now for truth is only funk in disguise

I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk
I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk

Verse II
Maggies coming fleet foot, she's always running
breathing air that's full of black soot, I seen it coming
we poison the skies willingly with sports utilities
so seldomly I see people walking no more
with a locked door and alarm, dead bolt and they're armed
private property is stopping me from feeling at home
what happened to community? I guess we lost it
trumped by security, at any cost its
funk in large quantities, the stakes is high
this life is just an odyssey, some pass it by
I try to make the most of it, exposing the light
supposing that this prose composed can hope to focus your sight
broken hopes and shattered dreams, its the saddest thing
tears of poverty stream, a status rarely seen
or heard, a facade is this land of opportunity
I'd rather stay odd and keep this funk from consuming me
Track Name: The Recipe
sometimes I find myself, I find myself in time
and keep it moving see, you can stay behind
and stand in line but I'm gonna move it on up
keep it moving, keep it grooving, keep the DJ on the cut
what? oh, I thought I heard something
we're carving up these tracks just like a Halloween pumpkin
wonder where its going I guess we're never quite sure
we might keep it pure, we might like to stir
a little bit of something, here's a list of ingredients
all the vital elements, I knew that you were needing it
seasoning and spices, just a pinch and just a dash
give it just a second, have it ready quick fast
pass the peas like they used to - make it proper
I'll do it all at cost and that's my final offer
princes and poppers know that time is steady inchin'
if you can't stand the heat get your ass up out the kitchen

its the recipe, wonder how we do it, its the recipe
a little bit of this and a whole lot of the best of me
flow in fluid ounces, add in beats by the pound
mix em all together get that hardcore sound

you look shook, open up the cookbook rookie
thinking back on years and all the practice that it took me
to master all the skills it takes to really make it rock
i heard you tried to make it bake straight out a cake mix box
lets talk, I think you're on the wrong route
quite results, that's never what its about
you need to let it sit, let it rise, give it some time
like the vibe simmer before you write down a rhyme
only when its time do you fire up the oven
watch 'em come in groups just like a baker's dozen
whats good cousin, I think you're ready to go
put on your apron and keep it under control
make sure you've got ingredients and tools that you are needing
never combine two things if you don't got a reason
90 percent is mental, the other half is physical
the number one rule, of course, is be original

its the recipe, wonder how we do it, its the recipe
a little bit of this and a whole lot of the best of me
flow in fluid ounces, add in beats by the pound
mix em all together get that hardcore sound

you can catch me in the kitchen with this recipe I'm fixin'
you want to learn a lesson? just grab a listen
mixing and dicing, slicing sounds just like a sword
chop chop chop, we got vinyl on the cutting board
with wordplay, i mean synonyms in general
sustenance, vitamins and minerals
I've been around the chopping block, know how to handle mine
fire up the stove to high, and grab a frying pan
standing by, its getting kinda hot right?
the pressure cooker, performing in the spot light
rock right, and make enough to feed the masses
instinct, not the stuff you learn in classes
dashes and a pinch will add a sprinkling of flavor
insisting that your dish is something everyone can savor
the iron chef, no need to guess, ingredients in mass
take pride in what you're doing, now you're cooking with gas

its the recipe, wonder how we do it, its the recipe
a little bit of this and a whole lot of the best of me
flow in fluid ounces, add in beats by the pound
mix em all together get that hardcore sound
Track Name: Vulcan
careful - stack steady
ain't seen last since they passed fast Freddie
these jams that's heady, cats ain't ready
bright lights in the night, cannons blast confetti
but city blights in my sight, i see sprawl
documentartian, in my scroll I scrawl
focus on the moment 'till I hit that wall
then the moment is gone, like folks that's all
all for the one, the one, the world order
boot marks in the sand, footprints like Wayne Shorter
four score looking back, the facts getting cloudy
people in the streets, the masses getting rowdy
how'd we get to this juncture, I gotta wonder
the people not united, the collective now asunder
we went from summer to the fall to the middle of winter
the right keeps moving right, the nation starts to splinter

easy - tread light
oil in the gulf - a red light
red night turned to red dawn, get your head right
smoke thick like the irony of saying lead's light
dead sight, and I quote it, voted for change
got the same old same, slight rearrange
its a strange world we're living in, but not giving in
bringing changes through the rhythm like rhythm-a-ning
we do the simplest things, symbolism is king
discourse is steady shouted while the civilest sing
the cymbal it will ring but its the bass drum that brings
people to their feet to move from winter to spring
linger in the mind for a time then begins to revise
history is a battle between the wicked, the wise
recognizing the lies and the appearance, disguise
overt racism masked as just political trials
Track Name: This Year
Its like the siren sung, the wire runs from the mic, it's like the entire sum
is greater than the whole of it's parts, check where the fire's from
and emanating, we're ever waiting for this moment to come
no hesitation, staying taut just like the skin on a drum
I done stayed committed, waited, given every ounce of energy
remember, be yourself don't try to be nobody else
man, woman or child, stand firm with a smile
stay strong and never let on, see, you're dead wrong
if you think that I wouldn't hit back, got the pen, pad, ink black,
a pair of headphones to rock over fresh tones when I left home
at the age of 18, to make cream? nah
I got some other aspirations so I think y'all all for waiting so long
so many trials and tribulations had you wondering debating,
if we was ever gonna make it, we're here this year

(scratched "Got rhymes 365 days annual plus some
Load up the mic and bust one" -Nas)

Oppress the dominant when addressing the continent
a shade above the competent never was great with compliments
content considered conscious sick of the slick too quick to comment,
but to say they're common would be obvious
Constant elevation a promise, honest to God
Better I honor the planet me an peace peas in a pod
Its me against the Odds, it seems it would be even since I'm seen as Bizarre
ever since my teens, when I was rocking to guitars
But now it's the norm, true to form, my music tighter
then a freshmen dorm,
I'm a writer who's a step beyond event horizons
Standout without a Heisman, no handouts
a man about enterprising here to make Favellas rising
Timing essential, so I follow metronomes with scribbled poems
until I truly fulfill all my potential this year
Track Name: Who Got The?
who got the poison pen, who got the voice to bend
and send beams of light for sight, now its your choice to win
or take a minus as you find this, pressure is like a sinus
got my people behind us, aka your royal highness
try to blind us with your high beams you try schemes to take it
your sly team igniting flammables but mistakes get
stacked upon one another then you start to wonder
if the whole thing's crashing down just like a game of Jenga
sing the song, ring the alarm, and sound the sirens
but the crowd can get excited if you're rocking over silence
if you're hitting them right, so when you're gripping the mic
and inch to give will get a mile in return that's road to burn
in turn they get the best of you and leave you feeling destitute
except that you are feeling this because you put it on the line
and gave them all you had to give the adjective I find
best fits this situation, invigorating, its time to rhyme.

who got the keys to the whip the style that makes you flip
and listen for every lyric when we're shooting from the hip
who got the fire and the thunder, across the frozen tundra
we're some masters like Augusta, its no wonder who got the

who got the sickness, well, we got the antidote
who got a missed lick, well, I'd like to add a note
who got the cantaloupe, my melon's having a ball
with jabber jaw, portraits and words, its like a camera phone
who got the aminals enamored with the radical
glass tappin and mad rapping brookyln zoo gramaphone
who got the grandmama converse alter ego
sting like a hornet tighter than a corset on obese people
who got the sold out seats, the roadhouse beef,
they squash when we roll up deep
then roll out the red carpet and roll up the fruit flavors
and bust out the blue label, I say whole house freeze
"no doubt D", its a daily grind being prolific
the blood sweat and tears that go into being terrific
that will get your temple scribing without being Hasidic
rocking with the cat who makes you want to be a statistic
my needs are specific, two turntable techniques,
one microphone dynamic for fresh speech
beats that'll bump from the back to the front
that'll get the crowd thumping from their neck to their feet
selector select, come correct on the decks
if you half step, I got the skills to catch wreck
emcees - emcee, best be rippin it right
articulate while spitting wit, or just give me the mic
know what i mean? cause I know what I need
and I know what I got, and I gotta believe
that the crop of hip hop, from the drop of our seeds
has the future looking brighter, all I got is a dream