Things Get Better / Alchemy Cosmo Single

by Above/Below

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Released by Cosmodemonic Telegraph as part of the 2011 Hygienic Cosmo Singles.
A-side featured on compilation The Long Hundred also released on Cosmodemonic Telegraph.


released January 29, 2011

Above/Below is:
Gabe Chandler - Vocals
Patrick Murphy - Trombone
Johnny Harbel - Flugelhorn
Kevin Thornton - Alto Saxophone
David Dorfman - Baritone Saxophone
Hollis Dunlap - Guitar
Chris Reilly - Bass Guitar
Jonas Sanchez - Drums

Additional vocals on both tracks - Lacy Johnson

All songs written by Above/Below.
Artwork by Jonas Sanchez.
Recorded in various bedrooms across the United States.
Mixed and mastered by Hollis Dunlap.
Special thanks to J Curland.



all rights reserved


Above/Below New London, Connecticut

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Track Name: Things Get Better
it rings clear cause the sound is ageless
and known like the A-list still they try to arrange this
its feeling kind of strange this movement back and then forth
shaken to the core but guess that's par for the course
and we're a force to be reckoned with like Gordo from Tekken with
a power insurmountable even in this hour full of
doubt, they're turning it inside out, still we remount
the offensive, effort is intensive
just to stay pensive when distraction is plentiful
and thrive up in the moment 'cause each instant is integral
pivotal - the balance wavers in the wind
that shakes the fruits of labor from the crops that we tend
not break nor we bend, the tide is too massive
so often we send these messages for the masses
shout from the rooftops, and project like Trevor
the truth will prevail, and yes, things they get better

it echos down the hallway, heard what they all say
i call it how i see it but it blind like a sun ray
they say that someday it'll clear like a runway
but someday is a long time and life I'd like to call mine
shook like a fault line but justice he opined
is not for a man to decide but still hide
resided on the wrong side ever since birth
unequivocally active in the struggle its worth
every scrape suffered, every tear drop shed
the unexamined life is not worth being led
not a brick in the wall not a stone in the quarry
not another sad story not concerned about glory
forty days and forty nights wandering aimless
writing on the wall only equal in name its
insane where we're headed why I'm writing this letter
time tested truth prevails things they get better
Track Name: Alchemy
a different time, a different place than the spot that we're at
and I'm meaning something different than just a dot on the map
feeling caught in a trap, trying to wrestle my way out
but the struggle is a cycle, day in and day out
the way in is well marked, still searching for an exit
still thinking 'bout a power move, wishing I could flex it
looking for a nexus or a little human touch
a glimpse of the glimmer in your eyes meant so much
it was never enough, the time that we spent together
the time that we spent apart, endured like bad weather
now miles in between us, the trials, the tribulation
the situation where I find myself, strictly my creation
pacing back and forth, racing thoughts in my mind
facing facts of reality, cold sweat pouring out of me
looking for distraction, staring out from the balcony
searching in the skies for a fix like alchemy